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Whole Home Standby Generators

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Being faced with an unexpected power outage when you're unprepared may be the catalyst for purchasing a generator. Or, perhaps you want to be fully prepared in the event of a future power outage and never have to worry about power issues. Whatever the case may be, Supreme Electric can help. Our expert generator technicians are trained and experienced in installing all types of generators. We can sit down with you to discuss your options and ensure that you make a well-informed decision about a generator that fits your needs and your budget.

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Benefits of a Whole Home Standby Generator

As you may already know, the installation of a generator gives you an alternate source of power in the event that your electrical panel can no longer power your home. However, each type of generator operates slightly differently and offers its own advantages. It is important that any generator installation, maintenance, or repair needs you have are handled by a qualified contractor who is familiar with all building codes and safety standards. Whether you are upgrading from another model or installing for the first time, our team is ready to help you experience the many benefits of using a whole home standby generator.

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A few benefits include the following:

  • Permanently installed in your home

  • No need to manually refuel or start

  • Automatic start capability

  • Runs on LP or natural gas

  • Total blackout protection

  • Operates in all weather

  • Tests itself regularly

  • Lower running costs

Authorized Generac & Kohler Dealer

At Surpeme Electric, we are committed to installing only the highest quality, reliable generators. If you're ready to upgrade to a permanent standby generator in Anchorage, we're here to assist you. We can go over the features of each model of generator to ensure that you choose the option that is best suited for you. For example, Generac home generators are extremely eco-friendly, test themselves quietly, and turn themselves on within 10 seconds of power loss.

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